Settling into a Routine

Now that the first week is over, the reality of the work starts to creep in.  I am the kind of person that loves school (you probably are too, if you are thinking about attending Warner).  I love learning new things, researching interesting topics, and discussion with classmates.  Still, say the word “paper” and I shudder.  The truth is, Warner is reading intensive, paper-heavy, and famous for group projects.  Classes only meet once a week so a graduate student must be able to establish a routine that allows them to get their work done while balancing a job and a life outside of school.

Back to paper! I bought a paper planner instead of relying on my iPhone calendar so that I could plan out my study schedule weeks at time.

I am a full-time Higher Education Master’s student taking three courses twice a week: College Student and Development Theory on Monday night and Global Issues in Higher Education and Leadership and Management in Higher Education on Thursday night.  I also work for Warner Admissions Tuesday/ Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings.  I try my best to get all my work done during the day on Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons and Saturdays.  This works best for me because it is when I have the least distractions and allows me to spend free evenings and Sundays with my family and friends.

As a graduate student, you can sometimes feel removed from the culture of studying that existed as an undergraduate, especially if you live off campus.  When your social circle is mostly non-students, it can be really hard to turn down a night out for studying.  Graduate students need to have discipline, focus and… a life!  Establishing a routine early in the semester helps to achieve this.


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