5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to be a Warner Student

Even I, a winter solstice baby, can’t take this winter anymore.  The weather service has put out weather alert after weather alert that frequently read like a horror novel.  The latest:  “dangerously cold and potentially life threatening” wind chills with temperatures dropping to 40°F below zero.  I find myself wishing I could just press fast forward to get to April.  So, it may seem like blasphemy to proclaim winter as the best time for anything, but hear me out.

Here are the 5 reasons why the bitter cold and blowing snow typical of a Western, NY Winter make it the best time to be a Warner graduate student.

  1. There’s no easier way to bond with classmates than complaining about the weather. This conversation never gets old.
  1. IMG_1685The 3rd floor Wentworth Atrium study spot is the perfect spot to do your reading as you watch the snow fall. Plus, there are heaters against the windows to keep you warm.
  1. You can finally learn how to use the UR tunnel system to get around campus. My favorite route is taking the tunnel from Gleason Library to Morey Hall to get to Warner.
  1. You won’t get cabin fever because you will always have something (reading, papers, or group projects) to occupy your time indoors.
  1. There are fewer distractions pulling you away from your work. Studying inside is much better than anything outside right now.

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