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Different Roads Lead to Warner: Part 2

In my last post, I talked about the benefits of having different perspectives in the classroom and connecting with classmates.  In this post, I’ll discuss my own background in detail.

My own path to Warner was neither straight nor narrow.  In fact, if you asked me as an undergraduate that I would end up in education, I would have probably told you, “I don’t want to be a teacher.”  I really didn’t understand the vast field of education then, and am only really starting to grasp it now through learning about all the amazing programs that Warner offers, from teaching & curriculum to human development to mental health counseling.

You already know a bit about my international background.  After graduating from college I worked for an international human rights organization in New York City, and really loved it.  I left because personal matters intervened:  I got married and moved to Austria for a year.  When my husband’s career brought us to Rochester, I felt pretty lost.  Last spring, a former colleague from the human rights organization told me about her new job in a study abroad office at a university and it clicked for me: facilitating cross-cultural experiences among college students would allow me to use my passions and experience to broaden perspectives and prepare college students for our globalized world.

Realizing that this new career would require some further education, in July I met with the Warner School’s admissions team and discussed my interests with them.   They were helpful and encouraging, making the prospect of returning to school after a 6-year hiatus sound completely doable and exciting.  They talked about the graduate assistantships and scholarships available, which was really important to me, because I would be pursuing my degree full time.  They even spoke about the buzz surrounding international education, which validated my desired career direction.   I left the meeting impressed, motivated, and truly invigorated about pursuing a degree in higher education at the Warner School.  I submitted my application in the fall, began my studies in January and I couldn’t be happier.

Not all roads lead to Rome or Warner, but different paths do, and when you arrive at your destination, Warner’s supportive, knowledgeable, and nurturing staff and faculty are there to meet you and help you apply your passions and realize your dreams.

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