Halfway There

We miss you.

It’s week 7 of the spring 2015 semester, which signifies we’ve made it through the first half of the semester (or have just begun the second half – depending on your outlook on life).  And even though Warner students don’t participate in Spring Break, here are 5 reasons why you should be celebrating right now.


  1. Your backpack is lighter. You’ve undoubtedly gotten through enough material in class by now to eliminate the need to bring all of your books to class.
  2. You know your stuff. Getting through that material means you’ve read enough to feel comfortable with the topics.
  3. Spring is around the corner. 15 days to go until we officially say goodbye to Winter (although the Old Man is known to overstay his welcome in these parts).
  4. The upcoming summer, fall, and spring schedules have been posted. The planner in you is satisfied and you can finalize your between-semesters vacation plans.
  5. One semester closer!You’re halfway there! Ok, I said this already, but it’s worth repeating!  Only 7 more weeks until you are another semester wiser and closer to that degree.

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