brandon stroud welcome to warner
Student, Brandon Stroud poses for the photobooth!

Welcome to Warner

This past weekend, Warner opened its doors to more than 40 admitted students to provide more information and interaction to help them in making a decision about their future graduate programs.  Students heard from Dean Borasi, met with faculty, participated in program breakout sessions and had tours of Warner’s home, the LeChase building.  But perhaps the most valuable part of the day was the casual meet & greet, where accepted applicants ate, drank, and interacted with current students to get the skinny on what Warner is really like.

Speaking with these prospective students, I got a sense of their anxieties and excitement, and gave feedback based on my own experience.  What struck me the most was, how recently I was in their shoes yet how quickly I felt comfortable on the other side of the conversation.  Throughout the day in my roles as both graduate assistant and current student, I felt completely at home.

I believe this is characteristic of the Warner experience.  From the classroom environment to the accessibility of the faculty and administration, to the student-centered building design, Warner is constantly opening its arms to students, reminding us: you are why we’re here.

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