Making it Work

In the past couple of weeks I have been talking to a lot of prospective and admitted students who want to know about the workload at Warner and how it can fit into their already busy lives.  They want to know how about the Warner work/life balance.  I understand this, because it was a pressing question in my mind too as I considered taking the plunge and going to graduate school.

Graduate school isn’t easy, but at Warner it is manageable.  Classes are only once a week and always in the evenings and never on Fridays.  This allows for most people to have part-time or full-time jobs in additional going to school.  This schedule also allows for students with required internships and practicums to fit them in easily as well as taking classes at night.

Of course, class time isn’t only part of the equation.  Graduate school requires a lot of reading, writing, and group work and making sure you have the time to dedicate to this is also important.  It is up to you and your advisor to determine the right number of courses that will fit into your life considering other obligations you may have.  Then, it’s up to you to make sure you establish a routine to make it all work.

Life happens.  While you determine your program of study early on in the process, if at some point you need to make some changes, you can.  I am an example of that.  I planned on a full time course load so that I could graduate in in May 2016.   However, I have recently had some life changes that would make that very difficult.  My advisor was very understanding and made sure my new program of study was something we were (but mostly I was) comfortable with.

In Higher Education, we learn to support the whole student and at Warner, that philosophy carries through.

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