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Top 5 Study Spots in LeChase

As the semester winds down, the workload is ramping up.  Can you say final papers and group projects?  While you may be coming down with Spring Fever, you need to focus for just a few more weeks to get through to the end.  Luckily, LeChase has many study spots where you can hunker down and get it done.

  1. 4th Floor Meeting Rooms: These rooms are tucked away at the end of the two main hallways. Th4th floorey are great for group project work because they come with screens for hooking up your laptop.  These rooms can be reserved by emailing rooms@warner.rochester.edu.
  2. 3rd Floor Atrium: I’ve already written about how much I love this spot. The light and view of the campus make it the study spot with the most ambiance, but you have to be able to tolerate some ambient noise (or bring headphones).
  3. Student Center: This graduate student only lounge on the third floor is rarely occupied and has coffee and tea for when you need a pick me up or a break. It also leads to the doctoral only student room.
  4. Technology Lab: Also located on the third floor, the computer lab is my go-to spot for researching articles because printing is free.
  5. 1st Floor Booths: Perfect for eating and studying, these booths are set up with large tables.



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