Interview with Michelle Salvagno: Part Two

My interview with Higher Education student, Michelle Salvagno continues here.  Michelle is graduating this May – Congratulations Michelle!

How have you managed to balance these different aspects of your life at Warner?

Sometimes balance seems nearly impossible, but being able to speak with other students and classmates helps me get some perspective. Going through my Master’s experience alongside other people has been a great comfort and support! The idea of a “fauxhort”, even though we aren’t a cohort program. 🙂

Also, finding my own creative ways to relax has been helpful. Because I live on the undergraduate campus as a Graduate Head Resident, separating school and home can be difficult. Important emails, building issues, and texts from my RAs are all part of my daily life. Its important for me to get off campus and explore Rochester! Some of my most successful adventures have been going downtown with friends, getting a milkshake and typing a paper in a quiet restaurant, or going to the beach.

Was it difficult to find opportunities to become involved on campus?

For me personally, no! The campus seemed to open up with opportunities, especially for a social person such as myself. Classmates and coworkers have been really great about inviting each other to dinner, board-game days, holiday parties, or to study together! Also, going through employee training alongside graduate assistants from other departments helped me network more with the campus and meet people from Wilson Commons, Financial Aid, Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, and many other offices. I do wish we had a few more student organizations geared specifically toward graduate students.

What has been your favorite part of the program?

Definitely the small community feel. Its easy to know classmates on a personal level! Even students from other Warner programs start to learn each other’s faces and names, especially if you have similar study schedules. I love walking into a building where I feel like I belong, and I am able to interact with so many skilled professionals working on their degrees alongside me.

What has been the most rewarding experience?

As I mentioned earlier, working as a Graduate Head Resident has been such a huge part of my experience here. I have so many lasting memories working with my RAs, and have learned a lot about myself as a supervisor. Having the opportunity to get my Master’s, and gain professional work experience simultaneously is something I am particularly proud of. Though he probably won’t talk himself up so much in this regard, Dr. Logan Hazen is the best advisor anyone could have asked for! He sends out an Assistantship newsletter, and is always available to chat and help you find what you’re looking for!

How has being involved on campus added to the Warner Experience?

Being connected and knowing people from various offices has helped me so much in the classroom! Interviewing or speaking with someone from Admissions or Study Abroad to gain information for a paper is such a wonderful intersection of my life here on campus. Its great to know that if I have a question about my Financial Aid, I can call my classmate (who also happens to be my Financial Aid Counselor) for personalized advice! Also, since everyone in the class brings a different set of experiences to the table, the classroom discussions can really take flight!

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