The Meaning Behind Our New Header Image

With winter finally behind us, we decided it was time to change our header image to reflect that.  The new image is a dandelion.  This common plant is a familiar one.  As children, we picked them when their yellow petals had turned to resemble a cotton ball, and blew the seeds into the wind to make a wish.  As adults, we try (often in vain) to remove these stubborn weeds from our lawns.

Goergen Athletic Center
Goergen Athletic Center

Why did we choose this ordinary flower as our new image?  The dandelion is not just a reminder of spring, but also a symbol of the University of Rochester.  In 1853, when the University moved to the Prince Street Campus, its new home was once cow pastures.  These fertile pastures, thanks to their former residents, sprung acres of dandelions to life.  The campus and the flower became synonymous.  Ever since, the dandelion has been the official flower of the University as well as one of the official colors.

O, Azariah Boody’s cows were sleek and noble kine
They wandered o’er verdant fields where grew the dandelion.
And when they drove the cows away
To build a home for knowledge
They took the color from the flow’r
And gave it to the college.

-The Dandelion Yellow, one of the University’s official songs, by Richard L. Greene ’25, Music by Charles F. Cole, ’25


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