Summer at Warner

IMG_1937 Even though the summer solstice isn’t until June 21, with Spring semester over and yesterday marking the first day of Warner Summer A classes, it is officially summer at the University of Rochester.

Unlike undergraduate programs, Warner’s graduate programs include summer sessions as part of the typical track for students. There are almost 100 sections of courses held over the summer, mostly split into two sessions: A & B.  These two six-week sessions contain condensed and intensive coursework.  Summer A runs from May 18 – June 26 and Summer B runs from June 29 – August 7.

With the beautiful weather and abundance of festivals, I anticipated feeling ambivalent about taking classes over the summer.  Even though the winter can be dreadful, it certainly doesn’t distract from one’s studies.  I also expected the campus to feel empty and quiet without the undergraduates around.  However, today, after experiencing a Tasty Tuesday, I’m looking forward to being on campus this summer – and it seems so are a lot of other people!

Long lines for food trucks.

The Office of Summer Programs manages the courses that take place over the summer for the University’s Arts, Science & Engineering School.  While Warner isn’t technically part of this, the Office of Summer Programs puts on events, such as Tasty Tuesday and Movie Nights that all University students, faculty and staff can take advantage of.  Additionally, their website has useful information such as summer bus schedules that are relevant to everyone.


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