Benefits of Higher Education

It may seem odd that as graduate school students already deeply entrenched in the higher education system, the value of higher education is a contested topic.  However, with the increasingly high costs of attending a higher education institution, it is a topic that cannot be ignored.  The issue is generally framed these days as ROI, or return on investment.  Simply put: Does having a college degree pay off?

The answer is yes.  According to a recent report from the Federal Reserve, from an ROI standpoint, having an associate or bachelor’s degree has a return on average of 15%.  Additionally, those with a bachelor’s degree can earn on average 56% more than those with only a high school diploma.  You can read more about the cost/benefit analysis of higher education here.  What about graduate school?  In terms of wages and unemployment rates, having an advanced degree also pays off.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a master’s degree earn 20% more than those with only a bachelor’s degree.

benefits of higher ed

Chances are, you have thought about going back to school.  I know I did for six years before deciding to go for it and a lot of the decision came down to economics.  Now, you just need to figure out which program to apply for. It is not too late, the next application deadline is June 15! Warner is holding an information session on Thursday, June 4th at the new College Town Beer Market from 5-7 PM about its graduate programs in education to help you decide which program is right for you.

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