When You Think You Can’t

Summer is in full swing with Summer B sessions in their second week of class.   Read this post for a refresher on how the sessions are structured.

For Summer B, I have chosen to take Master’s Research Methods, the core course for all Master’s students.  Going into the course, I was nervous, as I’ve heard it was intense, especially crammed into six weeks.  While going over the syllabus during our first class, my fears were not quelled.  The workload seemed overwhelming (even as a group) on top of my outside of school life: renovating and moving into a new house as well as being eight months pregnant (more on that and being a student later).  I thought, “I can’t do this,” and considered dropping the class.

But I didn’t.  During break, I talked to other students and their encouragement and support convinced me that I could do it, and should do it now, before life gets even more complicated.

little engineNow, I’m glad I’m sticking it out.  The intensity of the workload is tempered by a lot of in-class group work and careful guidance from our instructor.  And, I’m learning a lot.  I haven’t been exposed to research methods in the past, and this class is providing me with the necessary skills to excel in my upcoming coursework. Additionally, because it is a core course for all master’s students, I am in class with students in other Warner programs like counseling and teaching & curriculum.  The exposure to the diversity of education fields is enlightening and a nice change of pace.

I don’t doubt that many Warner students have one point thought, “I can’t do this.”  As graduate students, we are usually pulled in many directions and our multiple commitments can feel overwhelming.  I am grateful that the supportive environment at Warner helped to remind me that “I  can.”


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