Bonding in the Classroom

Yesterday, in my Masters Research Methods class, we put our qualitative research skills to the test by conducting interviews of our classmates about how they manage graduate school with other responsibilities such as work and family life.  This salient topic allowed us to learn about our classmates lives as well as reflect on our own.

For the assignment, I was paired with a mental health counseling student and as an admissions graduate assistant I know that the mental health counseling program is 60 credits, full-time is 4 courses per semester and you need 600 hours of practicum to graduate.  However, hearing how about it anecdotally from my partner really gave me a new perspective on how rigorous the program really is.  I was truly in awe of my classmate’s motivation and work ethic.  And I know the feeling was mutual when I shared my own challenges about balancing graduate school with my family life.

Even though it was just an in-class activity, the experiences shared through these interviews gave us as students the chance to appreciate each other, ourselves, and helped to enhance the sense of community at Warner.

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