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On Sunday, I saw a familiar face on the cover of the Democrat & Chronicle: University of Rochester’s President, Joel Seligman.

Seligman and the University of Rochester have had a significant presence in the news in the past two weeks regarding the University’s presence in the Rochester community.  The big news has been that Rochester has been awarded federal and state funding along with commitments from private partners to be the hub for the American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics) which will bring jobs and investors into our community.  The University of Rochester was part of the team that submitted the proposal and will be a key player moving forward.

The quieter, but no less important news, is that in July, the Warner School in partnership with the City School District began its leadership in the quest to turn around East High School.  Warner faculty have been heavily involved in this project, with Clinical Professor, Stephen Uebbing leading the initiative to increase graduation rates, reduce in-school suspensions, and focus on math and English.

The University’s investment and involvement in the Rochester community in integral ways is one of the reasons why I chose Warner, and continues to be a source of pride as well as inspiration for me as I continue my graduate school journey.


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