So Long, Farewell…

Today is my last day as the Warner Admissions Graduate Assistant and blogger as I’m going on maternity leave until the Spring semester.  I promised that I would speak to being pregnant and a grad student, and so with my last blog of the year, I will tell you my story.

You already know about how I got to Warner; I moved to Rochester three years ago with a background in international affairs and unsure of what to do with it, I meandered a bit in the non-profit scene.  Last summer, I decided to pursue a higher education degree to focus on international education.  About a month after being accepted into the higher education program at Warner, I found out I was pregnant.

It is unfair that when you appear the least pregnant (and are usually keeping it under wraps), you feel the effects the strongest (until the end).  I had a tough Thursday schedule during the Spring semester, with my assistantship from 9-3 and then class 4:50-10:15.  I was relieved when my co-workers here at Warner admissions suggested I split my hours so as not to have a 13-hour day.  While reading for my classes, I learned to give into fatigue and take a break, instead of trying to combat it, to best retain the information.

What troubled me most, however, was how this new phase of life would affect my graduate studies.  I had planned on dashing through the program and graduating in May 2016 when I first made my program of study and was nervous to meet with my advisor to tell him the news that that was no longer possible.  I should have known that the Warner “whole student” philosophy would apply in this situation as my advisor was truly understanding and guided me in re-creating my program of study.  It was just one of the many times I’ve felt entirely supported by the folks here at Warner.

Overall, I enjoyed being a student during my pregnancy.  The workload has been challenging but not overwhelming.  The flexibility and accommodating nature of the staff and faculty make it possible for students like me to complete their studies while juggling many responsibilities.

This morning, when I walked into work to a “Welcome Baby” sign, a lovely gift basket, thoughtful snacks, and the smiling faces of the wonderful colleagues that I’ve gotten to know over the past eight months, I realized just how fortunate I am to have had this experience as a student and graduate assistant in the Warner community.

Until next time.


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    Thank you Claire, for your professinal work ethic and the quality of your work. You will be missed -but we know what a great Mom you will be. I so enjoyed your blogs this year.


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