4 Things to Know Before Applying to Graduate School

Hi, readers! If you’re a current Warner student, I hope you’re enjoying your semester so far- can you believe we’re almost halfway done?! Just as a reminder, I’m looking for current students to interview about their experiences here, so shoot me an email or comment on this post if you’re interested!

And now, for the prospective students: walking the stage with a Bachelor’s degree in hand soon? Seeking a career change? Looking to further your education in general? Graduate school (more specifically, Warner) could be the place for you! You already know about my journey to becoming an M.S. candidate, but everyone is hailing from different circumstances and different parts of the world (literally- we have over 1,200 international students at the University of Rochester right now), so let’s take a general look at what you should be aware of pre-application.

  1.  There will be emails. Lots of emails. BUT that means your inbox will be chock full of information regarding program requirements, your application status, and notes from people like me wondering if you have any general or specific questions about the application process, Warner itself, and/or life in Rochester. Don’t disregard anything Warner sends you. Read our newsletter, correspond with counselors, and mark down important dates on your calendar.
  2. That brings me to my next point: Events! Warner hosts luncheons, meetings, webinars, chat hours and open houses for current and prospective students. I worked in admissions at my undergraduate institution and learned that open houses are often the deciding factor. International and out of state students often stay in the Rochester area while meeting with professors and admissions staff to get a feel for the Rochester area, topics discussed in classes, upcoming projects, working on campus, and more. Our Fall Open House is coming up- register here!
  3. Choose those who write your recommendation letters wisely. The rule I stuck to during application season was two academic affiliates, and one work supervisor. Some, however, are coming into grad school having been out of undergrad for a while, and that’s totally fine! Just be sure that your colleagues or whomever you choose know the academically inclined, driven side of you.
  4. Update your resume. I went to see the beyond amazing staff in the Nazareth College Career Services office prior to graduating, and they helped me revamp my qualifications, education, and background. A well-formatted resume that is thorough but relatively brief will look good for your Warner app, but also for future job applications!

That’s all from me for now- contact me or someone else with any questions you have about our application process, or about my grad school experience so far. The workload here is certainly rigorous, but definitely manageable, and professors are always willing to help you with project ideas, citation formatting (SO important, trust me), and choosing which courses to take. Good luck on your grad school search!


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