Ask Angela: Q & A with Current Warner Student

Okay, so you all have read about my personal experiences with Warner thus far: how I found the Higher Education program, my application process, and my financial aid advice. How about a fresh perspective? I met Angela Spikes (’17) this year, as she is in all of the same classes as me (How Universities Work, Student Affairs, and Research Methods). We also went to the same undergraduate institution (Nazareth College) but did not have a chance to meet each other until Warner came along! With her permission, I’ve decided to profile her for a question and answer session.


Q: What factors influenced you to choose Warner? 

A: The factors that influenced me to choose to attend Warner were my parents, location, and the impressive impressions that the Warner faculty presented during the interviews and orientation. I was very impressed with the legacy and prestige of The University of Rochester as a whole entity.

 Q: What is your favorite thing about Warner? 

A: My favorite thing about Warner is the faculty to student relationship. So far every professor has been very welcoming, encouraging and available. The communication between the faculty and students is clear, concise and the turn around is rapid.

Q: What do you plan to do after you obtain your Master’s? 

A: After I obtain my master’s degree from Warner I plan obtaining a career as an academic advisor within a university setting. I also plan on teaching at the higher education level with ultimate goals to become a dean of academic advising. 

Q: What advice do you have for Warner applicants?

A: The advice that I would offer Warner applicants would be to learn how to balance. Taking care of oneself is imperative to the overall success of a student. Work hard but remember to have fun also. 

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