Higher Ed During the Holidays: What to Do Over Break

Looking to stay involved with your Warner studies over break? Researching graduate school and internship opportunities as a prospective student? If you have some time off during our winter break, here are some ways to stay involved with higher education in general.

  1. Volunteer. Area K-12 high schools do not have as much time off from classes as we do, so contact someone in leadership and ask if there is anything you can assist with. From digital literacy initiatives to collecting donations for lower-income districts, there are multiple ways to get involved.
  2. Apply for full-time positions. If you’re looking for a career change with your soon-to-be earned Master’s or Doctoral degree, or are interested in being newly employed come spring or summer, focus on the job search. Consult with Warner Career Services to perfect your resume and cover letter and use educational consortium websites to look for positions. In my program, our final spring semester allows for two major assignments: the composition of a thesis, and the job search. If that is the case for you, why not get a head start?
  3. Look for internships. Many Warner students like to intern in the summer, so it would not hurt to start pursuing early. I have recently begun reaching out to other higher education graduates and asking how they went about their search. I’ve emailed various departments from area universities just to get my name and resume out there. Leverage your skills and show that you take the initiative!
  4. Read up on the latest higher education news. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I love Inside Higher Ed, Careerealism, and The Chronicle of Higher Education, but there are several more sites to peruse specifically relating to your field of study. Perhaps an article will inspire a thesis or dissertation topic for you!
  5. Meet up with classmates. Keeping your cohort close is helpful when it comes to future group projects and study breaks. If you are in the same area as your peers, a quick text to wish them happy holidays or ask if they want to meet for coffee can foster relationships that allow for more productive and fun times in and out of the classroom come spring.

I will be writing these posts over the break, but in case you don’t have a chance to read the blog much, have a great one and I wish you well as the new year approaches! Meliora!

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