Why Teach? Warner Will Tell You!

Are you a prospective student looking at our Teacher Education programs? Have you seen a new event advertised via the University’s career page, Handshake? Intrigued overall by the concept of teaching? Then Warner’s upcoming 2nd annual “Why Teach?” event is the place for you!

On February 27th from noon-2 PM, Warner will host an event on available career opportunities for educators as well as on the unique ways in which Warner can help prepare future teachers.


The event itself will begin with a general note about the opportunities and rewards of becoming a teaching. Then, move on to involvement in actual educational experiences specific to each certification area which is similar to those a Warner student teacher would create as lesson plans. Additionally, attendees can learn about various career paths they can take with a teacher education degree. Next, will come one of the most viable opportunities: a panel discussion featuring Warner alumni. After that, the programs and mission of Warner will be reviewed, as well as financial aid opportunities (guaranteed 50% scholarships and select programs offer 100% merit scholarships!).


If you are interested in attending, register here and learn if Warner is the right place for you to become a certified teacher. Can’t make the event? Fill out an form and we will be in touch!



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