Navigating Professional Experiences at RIT and the Warner School

In the higher education program here at Warner, we are encouraged to get as many experiences working with students as our schedule will allow. Fortunately for me, I am a Graduate Assistant both in the Warner Admissions Office and at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New Student Orientation. These positions and schools provide different experiences for me and help me to develop my skills in different areas.

Navigating the different structures and cultures at each institution has been a welcome challenge. The student body at University of Rochester in the School of Education attracts a much different type of student than the technology-minded undergraduate students at RIT. The different populations create different motivations for supporting students at each institution. Often, we support our undergraduate students at RIT through personal development endeavors, mentor them to learn important leadership skills, and assist with their many commitments. Conversely, supporting graduate students consists of guiding them through the process of applying to the Warner School, welcoming them into our Warner family, and recognizing students for their many other obligations such as family, professional development, or community involvement.

The premise of helping and welcoming people is the same. My passion for higher education and student affairs is fueled by my love for helping others.

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