Meliora Memories: Farewell, Warner!

Well everyone, it’s finally here: my last week as the Graduate Assistant in the Warner Admissions Office has arrived! Today marks two important milestones in my graduate career: I’ll be submitting what is hopefully my final thesis draft, and picking up my cap and gown!

These past two years have gone by more quickly than I had anticipated, and as I have explained in our “Why Warner?” series, the insight, knowledge, friendships, and opportunities for professional development I’ve garnered here will last me a lifetime. From the application process, to attending events for accepted students, to delving into interesting content in the classroom, to working in a variety of different higher education departments, I will cherish the memories I have made here as I transition into post-grad life!

What’s next for me? Well, I’m currently in the middle of the interview process for positions at a few different institutions. Most of their start dates are later this summer, so I am taking some time to travel! My RA staff and I are heading to Costa Rica in June (can you say, excited?!), and after that, I will visit family in California. My “fauxhort” and I have some serious catching up to do after being engrossed in the thesis writing process, so I am looking forward to spending time with them as well. Before starting my first full-time position, I want to attend some conferences and webinars if possible; keeping up with higher education trends as I enter the professional realm is very important to me!

Overall, despite how excited I am to graduate and begin my career, words cannot describe how much I will miss the camaraderie, accessibility, and wisdom of Warner! If you are graduating as well, congratulations are in order! I wish you the best of luck as you venture into your field of choice. If you are a prospective or incoming student, I am eager to see you take in all that Warner has to offer in terms of academia and professional development! Be open to new lessons that may alter your mindset for the better, be prepared to challenge yourself with coursework, and be willing to create lifelong friendships!

Since I’m signing off of, please contact Assistant Director of Admissions Emily Ahlheim ( with any questions.

For the final time, Meliora! 

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