Rochester Eats: My top 10

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This week I decided I’d share some of my fav go-to places to eat with friends. Some of these are crazy famous here in Rochester and some are less known, but I swear by all of them. Go check them out!!!

Amaya Indian Cuisine

Indian food 😍 One of my favorite kind of eats, there is a great place on South Clinton Ave (Only about a 10 minute ride). Its a super cute little restaurant that smells amazing all the time. Usually when I’m getting Indian food I order vegetarian, so my go to dishes include Chana Masala which are chickpeas in a delicious sauce or Sabzi Jalfrezi which is your typical mixed veggie stir fry. Baghare Baingan, which is eggplant in a peanut and curry sauce, and Bharve Alu Chutneywale, potatoes with nuts, raisins, cheese and spices in a sauce are also amazing. And of course, you can’t forget about the garlic Naan- Americanized? Yes, probably. But delicious none the less.

Aladdins Natural Eatery

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Greek/Mediterranean food. This place ALSO happens to be a decent place to find some vegetarian options. I love getting the couscous with Grilled Chicken, I get mine topped with eggplant and it is just divine. They have a great Chicklaki plate which is essentially a HUGE salad with large cuts of fresh veggies (tomatoes and cucumber) some feta cheese, and Grilled Chicken on top. You can pick the kind of dressing you want with it, I usually go for a yogurt sauce since it’s great. Oh! And this place both makes some of their own desserts like the mouthwatering Baklava, but they also bring in some cakes from local bakeries! The Lemon Blueberry is A+.


This is a little diner-esqu place on Park Ave. On sunny days I highly recommend sitting outside, lots of little dogs walking by as you eat (I count this as a plus, puppies are the best). This place is super cute, they have a great Greek salad (get it with chicken, they marinate the chicken so well) and some delicious cakes. The turkey wrap with craisins is super good too, AND THEY HAVE VEGAN OPTIONS!!! The Broccoli Burger is one of my favs 💖


This little joint is all about the Asian-inspired comfort food. Their ramen is soooooo tasty. I usually go with the veggie ramen and ask them to take out some of the noodles (for those of you also watching your carb intake).  Their steak hibachi with rice and veggies and their super salty edamame are also frequent flyers on my plate.

Highland Park Diner

Guys. This little trailer diner is famous here in Rochester, and while they have some great breakfast foods which I highly endorse, for example their chocolate chip pancakes or their banana nut french toast, what I really want to talk about are their milkshakes. Because oh my goodness. Not only are there so many different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, Nutella, you name it, but then you also have the option of adding different flavors of syrup to make your own unique combo!!! My absolute favorite is getting a Chocolate milk shake with mint (the picture at the top of this blog is one of those bad boys). AND as if that’s not enough, when the server brings you your milkshake you also get the rest which couldn’t fit into the glass, essentially giving you two milkshakes. My only suggestion is that when you are going to the diner for a milkshake, either order lightly or share food with someone else because these milkshakes are filling!

Selena’s Mexican Restaurant

Selena’s is one of the restaurants located in Village Gate Square, a really fun spot to check out in Rochester that has shops, places to eat, and some cool art! If you’re looking for some yummy Mexican food like enchiladas, burritos, chips and salsa or a taco salad, then this is a fun option for you!

The Beer Market

This amazing college town place has some of the greatest snack foods on the planet in my personal opinion. The pretzel is bigger than your head. Seriously. It can feed like 3-4 people easy, and with cheese and mustard it is AMAZING. They also have something called artigoat dip which is a cheese dip made with goat milk, which is served with little toasts and is SO CREAMY. If you’re looking for a tasty place you can walk to from campus, this is a great option, and they also have fun things like trivia night or live music happening during the week!

Plum House

This is a small sushi place on Monroe Ave. If you’re looking for some tasty rolls or dishes this a nice place to check out, and since it’s on Monroe there are some cute shops near by!

Frog Pond

The Frog Pond is an excellent spot, once again located on Park Ave. (right next to Jines actually) and it is the best place in town for Brunch. There is usually a little wait to sit, because it’s so good, but man is it worth it. They have a bunch of different omelets which are crazy good, but their most famous (and best) item available are the caramel banana pancakes. These fluffy pancakes are drenched in a thick caramel sauce and then topped with fresh bananas. In my opinion, everyone should try these pancakes at least once in their life. Definitely worth the trip to the gym afterwards.

Yummy Garden

So it actually took me a while to find a Chinese food restaurant that I really enjoyed in Rochester, but I finally found one not too far from campus! I usually get this food delivered, but they also have hot pot if you go out to eat! Their fried veggie dumplings and garlic broccoli are amazing.

THERE ARE SO MANY FANTASTIC PLACES TO EAT IN ROCHESTER. Too many to choose from but I did my best. I’d love to hear any suggestions for eats I haven’t found yet!

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