Why the Warner Librarian is the Best

Hello All!

For my class How Universities Work (which is a really great class FYI, I highly recommend it), I was given a task called topical article assignments where I needed to find two articles about the topics we randomly chose; I picked Facilities and Human Resources out of the envelope. There is a bit of a catch though, the articles needed to be in reference to United States Colleges or Universities, they needed to be relatively recent (preferably within the last year), and we needed to find 5 other articles we chose not to use. Nothing too crazy.

This may not sound very difficult. I didn’t think it would be! I thought I’d type in ‘college facilities’ into the University of Rochester library page or Google Scholar and be all set. HA. Jokes on me. Don’t get me wrong, I got results. They just didn’t meet any of the requirements I had. I found some good articles that were recent and about colleges, but they were all about institutions from other countries, or I found outdated articles and information, or lists of job offerings; i.e. absolutely nothing usable.

Commence the metaphorical hair pulling and crying. I honestly looked for articles every day for about 2 weeks. And nothing. I had nothing. The deadline was fast approaching, and I was panicking. BUT THEN I REMEMBERED. I had received a little card with the Warner librarian Eileen Daly-Boas dressed as bat girl at our Warner orientation! She had said during her presentation that you could schedule a meeting with her if you were having trouble finding information!

Let’s just talk about this for a second, about why this woman is a dream. She takes time out of her day (and often times her night) to meet with individual students who are having trouble. AND she’ll meet you or talk to you based on what’s easiest for you! You can meet her at Rush Rhees, at Warner, or you can call or video chat with her!!! YEAH, I KNOW. IT’S CRAZY. But true! She sits with you for a half hour and literally helps you find some references (or whatever it is that you need some help/support with).

I just had my meeting with this wonderful friendly woman. And in that half hour, we managed to find almost all of the articles I’ll need for my assignment, plus I learned about what had been ‘wrong’ with my searches before so that now I know some better techniques for the next assignment!!! This was a 10/10 experience.

I just really want to encourage everyone to reach out to her when you are struggling. I can breathe again thanks to her, and better yet, I now know how to begin searching for those articles I will need for my upcoming papers/projects!

That’s all for now folks! 😉


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