World Spanning Connection: A Warner Webinar Experience

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It’s finally Spring! 🌼 Yay! I hope the end of the semester treated everyone well and that you’re all enjoying the lovely warm weather! I know I am 🎊 🎉 🙌 😎

I recently heard about a really inspiring webinar conducted via Zoom by our very own Lynne Kirst who, if you haven’t heard of her yet, is the Assistant Director of Admissions, International Student Advisor, and an Instructor here at Warner! For those of you that are unfamiliar with the platform Zoom, Zoom is a video platform we use to connect with students, hold interviews,  conduct online classes etc. After hearing about the webinar I had the opportunity to talk with Lynne about her experience conducting it and why she felt it was something special, and I’m inclined to agree, so I wanted to share!

On April 17th, international prospects and newly admitted students were invited to log on and attend a webinar to ask questions and gain student perspective. Su-Yi Chou, a doctoral candidate at Warner from Taiwan who also has experience in both assisting in courses as a TA and teaching a course, agreed to attend to be a resource for attendees to ask questions about her life as a student, and what it is like to be an international student here at the Warner School. In addition to Lynne and Su-Yi, eight students were in attendance for this webinar, but what is exceptionally cool is that there were eight different countries and cultures represented by all attendees.

When individuals from the Republic of the Congo, Japan, Taiwan, Kosovo, Russia, India, China and Egypt all hit their links to join the webinar at 7:30 am EST, as is always the case when members with conflicting cultural values meet, there was potential for conflict to appear based on one’s cultural beliefs or government’s policies, but instead what happened is that eight intelligent and inquisitive people came together to connect in a common pursuit of learning and knowledge. As all participants introduced themselves to one another and listened to each other, this Warner webinar was a platform for world-wide human connection, and it was humbling.

As students asked questions ranging from practical housing and transportation questions to voicing concerns to discussing skills they are looking to develop like time management, this webinar was home to a community of learners all searching for the same thing. Not only that, but some students in attendance were alumni returning to Warner to earn a second degree. Their eagerness to continue to develop and want to reconnect with Lynne and the Warner School only added to the atmosphere of the webinar. This event ended up being a wonderful avenue for student’s to share their insights and experiences with one another, and a way for Warner to make it known that we as an institution acknowledge that traveling such long distances in pursuit of education can be a challenge, but we are here to support all in their endeavors.

Here at Warner we strive to create a safe environment for all people, no matter their background. Lynne Kirst said it best when reflecting on what this webinar meant and why our students are awe-inspiring, “Students come to Warner because they want to make all the world better.” We encourage all those who are interested in adding diverse perspective to their educational undertakings and aspiring agents of change to apply and come to Warner, we look forward to adding your perspective to our community.

Webinar’s like this are being scheduled to happen again, if you have the opportunity to log on you should, specifically if you’re interested in learning more about Warner! You might even see me there 🙂

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